At the end of 2010, weary of only consuming media and not creating any, I began an ambitious project: to create a Steampunk tarot deck. Over the next 8 years I would design cards, hire artists, research printers, market the project, build a site and storefront, sell prints (online and at local conventions), and run a successful crowdfunding campaign, before finally self-publishing the Tarot of Brass & Steam in the summer of 2018, under the “Evocative Experiments” banner. That was a fantastic learning experience, and “Evocative Experiments” is just too grand a name to only use once, so watch this space or the official site to see what’s next!

While you wait, you can check out another effort of mine: during the summer of 2019 I put my talents into creating a storefront for my Mom’s quilt business–if you like beautiful, colorful, handmade quilts, check out Small Quilts by the Gulf!