I’ve owned this domain since 2002, but haven’t updated it in well over a decade. As I start a new chapter in my life, however, it felt like the right time to regenerate this site, like the hero from an old British science fiction show that may or may not have had a profound impact upon me at a formative age.

Hello, by the way–my name is Ed Matuskey, and I wear many hats these days. With that in mind, you can consider this site my hat rack, where I bring my various roles together for ease of access. Or, if you prefer, this site is akin to a multidimensional construct that contains more space within than its outer appearance might suggest–you know, whichever works for you.

Because I’m a library science nerd, I’ve broken the site into distinct categories, which you can access via the links at the top of the page: Author for my creative works; Publisher for my production efforts; Taxonomist for my information science endeavors; and Gamer for my RPG (role-playing game) projects.

On the right side of the page are a list of links to my various social media presences. While this new version of the site is built on WordPress, I don’t intend to treat it like a blog–if you want to see travel pictures, or learn more about my work history, or read my random posts, one or more of those other sites should give you what you need (just don’t take it personally if I don’t accept your friend request on Facebook–I’m pretty stingy about how many people I follow!).