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This is the personal domain of Ed Matuskey: erstwhile writer, information architect, gamer, packrat, and exiled Time Lord. Until I can find where those smug bastards hid my TARDIS, I'll be using this space to store all manner of things, some of which may be of interest to other people. This site will be added to, so come back from time-to-time to see what's new! Meanwhile, take a look around--just try not to get lost, these corriders are infinite, you know...

You are in a white room, with roundels dotting the walls. There is a soft hum present in the background that you find rather soothing. In front of you is a hexagonal control console with a bewildering array of dials, buttons, and switches. On the wall is a scanner that provides a view of the world outside. There are two exits--the door you used to enter the TARDIS, and another one leading deeper into this strange craft. Where do you go?

What the hell is a TARDIS?
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Last updated April 9, 2006. Contact Ed Matuskey if you have any questions.

There have been passengers since 8/26/03.