Below is a partial listing of the creatures a typical adventurer might know about, through stories or flesh-and-blood encounters.

The term "goblin" or "goblinoid" is a catch-all phrase that refers to all the creatures Gohbal created as twisted imitations of the favored races. Originally the goblinoid races existed solely on Terok's moon. However, at one time there were working dimension gates between the worlds, through which the goblins waged war against the Races. Even when the majority of gates were somehow closed in the Second Age, some few remained, allowing a steady stream of raiders to continue travelling between Terok and the moon. When the magic faded completely in the Third Age, however, these gates also failed, leaving many goblins on the Terok side of the gates. Thus two "strains" of goblins now exist-- lunar and terrestrial. Whether any significant differences between the two has cropped up over the intervening centuries is unknown, as no-one has seen a lunar goblin since the end of the Second Age. The lights of their cites still burn in the night sky, however, an ever-present reminder of the hordes waiting for their chance to return.

Legends say that once the creatures of the seas had cordial relations with the air-breathing races. If this was ever true it is no longer--the merfolk are wild now, and unpredictable. Those who make a living on the coasts always keep a wary eye on the surf, never knowing when the merfolk will swarm from the water in an attempt to destroy boats, slaughter livestock, or carry off people.

There are stories--legends, mostly--of fearsome creatures who shun the light of day, and live only in the deepest pits, deeper than even the dwarves dare go. Is there any truth to these stories? The dwarves certainly aren't talking--as with most topics having to do with their underground kingdoms, they keep their secrets to themselves.

For centuries the dragons have not been seen, and are considered one of the casualties of the loss of magic. As the dragons were almost universally hostile towards the Races, their absence is not marked by many. One group who does care, however, are the treasure hunters, who seek the ancient hordes. The wyrms hid their riches well, however, and few who return from searching do so with anything to show for their troubles.

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