My first time  in the Space Needle, so of course I took some pics... What a view! Night shot!
Chalk drawing of  Bioshock 2 art I helped two  other guys unlock this awesome Bioshock puzzle box!  Logic for the  win! My puzzle-solving partners! The Bioshock booth  was an incredible recreation of a virtual ARD space--every piece of paper, tape recording, filing cabinet, etc has clues and info about the world of the upcoming game.  This was The  Booth as far as I was concerned! Some of the  titles (hand-sanded to look old) were pretty crazy.  And that reel-to-reel  had actual audio for you to listen to!
A Rapture album,  and yes, that radio supposedly does receive signals, though I didn't hear anything... This booth was  too big for a proper photo--some other stuff is off frame.  Look, just go  to you see there is pretty much what I saw at the con.  Light and dark!  Fighting game characters Don't let this  guy anywhere near your stuff.
I'll take two  of whatever you're selling, please! Wandering League of  Legends monsters--er, promoters I'm the homely  one in the middle, in case you weren't sure ;) The weapons on  display were really cool, actually.  Darkest Days was  the game, fyi. He came for  swag, but all he received was DEATH!
Just measuring you  for the pike your head will be sitting on, don't mind me... No wenches these--fearsome  pirates they be! This! Is! Dragon  Age! D&D Online lady Honestly don't remember  what game they're part of
Blast from the  past--when I played Champions waaaay back in high school, Mind Slayer was one of the villains.  She's gotten an  update in the past 20 years, much to my delight. Seriously, one of  the nicest promotional people I saw at the con--and I'm not just saying that because of the outfit.  :P  A little  shy,  a lot of giggling, and very friendly.  Miss Liberty, from  the competing City of Heroes game.  Much more polished  than Mind Slayer, but you could tell it was just a paycheck for her. Evildoers beware!  Unless  these are  the villains, in which case, heroes beware!  I was pleasantly  surprised at the amount of hall costuming I saw.  Scary rabbit!
Noooo, don't you  see how scary he is?!  Seriously, two seconds  after I took this shot, he swallowed her in one gulp.  Where were the  Enforcers then, eh, eh? More anime-inspired costumes,  I'm guessing Two minions from  two masters--I smell cage match! My money is  on Harley, naturally
Nice armor, but  I can't tell what unit/universe they belong to Whereas this guy  is either Church or Caboose.  Suck it, Red! I just turned  around, and there was the Dark Pheonix!  She kindly refrained  from melting my brain.
  Don't know, didn't ask, but what a cool costume!  That's right, there was a mechanical bull at PAX.  Eat it, Dragoncon!    The horse was shut down by this point, so I just posed with this massive sword. 
  The Team Fortress 2 guys--the other Red versus Blue!   

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